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Instead is seeking enthusiastic authors who are interested in contributing. Posts that provide instructions and how-to guides are exactly what we’re seeking right now.

  • Tutorials and entries labeled “Introduction to [subject]”
  • Posts or pages of resources that have been curated
  • Any other formats that have been authorized

If you are interested, please have a look at our writer’s rules, read the contributor guidelines that are listed below, and then fill out the Writer Application form.

Contributor Guidelines

In general, our writers may be divided into two categories:

1 – You Should Write For Us If You Have A Passion For Homesteading And Writing:

We also offer a limited number of slots for ongoing authors who we pay every month. These slots are often designated for writers that we have previously collaborated with on several occasions.

2 – You’re Going To Write A Guest Post For Us Even Though You’re Promoting Something Else:

If you are interested in writing a guest post for us, but you do not want to get paid for your work but rather want to include links to anything that you are advertising, then you should be aware that we have extremely high-quality criteria for approving work of this nature.

This holds in most cases for the following categories of writers:

  • You are writing to promote a firm that you either own or work for.
  • You manage a blog that generates money from sources other than banner adverts, such as the sale of ebooks, courses, services, and so on.
  • You are employed by a marketing agency and are responsible for promoting a customer.

To be more precise, the writing should be of a higher quality than the content that we often provide for our readers, and your personal biases and any potential conflicts of interest should be acknowledged in a relatively clear manner.

What Constitutes A Wonderful Post?

If you want to gain a better notion of what constitutes an exceptional piece, please read the guidelines that other people have provided for quality guest posting. In general, the following are the kinds of things we want to see from guest posts:

• Be Complete – The postings that perform the best for us range from 600 to 2,000 words or more.

• Make It Educational; if you want to sell something, please don’t do it here.

• Make It Useful And Practical — in other words, tailor it to the needs of our audience and give a ton of actionable advice.

• Show, Rather Than Tell – use photographs, video, or other forms of multimedia that are original or bespoke and have not been utilized anywhere else.

• Provide Evidence: Make extensive use of sources that have been referenced and that are of assistance; these sources may be found on internet.

• Relevant To Your Expertise – Only write on subjects in which you have personal experience. For example, if you’ve never actually built an aquaculture tank, please don’t submit a post instructing others on how to do so.

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